Company Empex Ltd: Building cottages and houses.
Marketing, sale, planning.
Accommodation in high-quality holiday apartments, cottages, huts:
Saariselän Ruoka- ja Pitopalvelu

Kiela, castle of timber
The most high level accommodation in Saariselkä area.
Rental by Saariselän ruoka- ja pitopalvelu.


Sarmi, lodge
Located in the Lake Inari in the fjord of Sarmi.
For 8-10 person.
Rental by JR-Giant during activity services.
Other Accommodation
We can arrange you an accommodation in hotels in holiday resort Saariselkä.
And in huts and in lodges in the wilderness.

We try to get Accommodation in the huts with sauna during willow grouse hunting trips.


Spending the night in a tent in winter
Accommodation is in a large tent with the heated stove.

Tents are arranged in advance for the fishing and hunting trips.

transportation to the Accommodation
transfers by snowmobiles and airplane to the bases.
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